Dennis Croxall


Photography has been something I have dabbled in for many years – but only recently , within the last 18 months, has it become a large part of my life.

My interest lies primarily in landscape photography, initially taking my camera along on road trips to western parts of the US – Utah, Nevada and Arizona, and trying to capture some of the fantastic scenery that can be seen in those areas. I particularly enjoy long exposure and night-time shooting. More recently I have been spending many early mornings and evenings at Presque Isle Park, catching the great sunrises and sunsets that often occur there, over the backdrop of beaches and lighthouses.

Although my main interest will likely remain landscape photography I have also recently started to enjoy macro work, and can see this becoming a further interest to develop. Indeed, it is the fact that photography encompasses so many diverse disciplines that makes it so appealing to me – there is always something new to learn, and technique to discover.