Photography has been a passion of mine for many years, but only in the past 6 years have I furthered my education to grow with it. Growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, Lake Erie was my backyard and this created many backdrops for my photos as I would see the sun rise or watch the sun set. So, my photography started with God’s painting of the skies of sunrises and sunsets. My love for natural beauty has expanded immensely including photographing flowers, birds, and scenery. My photography is not limited to nature, as I ventured into photographing weddings, engagements and senior portraiture, which all have been most challenging. I also enjoy street photography, capturing candid photos of people. ­ These usually have great impact on me, knowing or trying to find the meaning behind each photo.

I am self-taught with many books and I attend classes offered in the Erie area as well as in the New York area and will continue to do so. Being a member of the Erie Photography Club has helped me grow into a better photographer by attending their classes and entering competitions and being critiqued on my photos. I am forever grateful for the people in this club who have helped me improve my talents.

My passion has taken me to selling my work at various art shows and I also have sold stock photos, including a few that were used on a product that has made its way into various countries around the world, for which I am so excited and grateful for!

I will continue to practice, practice, practice, as Photography is never-ending in my love for learning!