The Photographic Arts Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania (PASNWPA) promotes and supports fine art photography.

MISSION: We showcase the photographic work of members who are accomplished and award-winning contemporary photographers; define Photographic Fine Art through our gallery shows; and offer public training seminars by professional photographers.

While it is difficult to define what constitutes art, especially “fine art,” it is ultimately up to the viewer and purchaser of such art. To that end we strive to offer art buyers access to the highest quality photography that meets the aesthetic and technical qualities defined by our organization.

Patti Larson, President
Melinda Isachsen, Vice President
Candy Felege, Treasurer
John Misterovich, Secretary
Anna Marie Senita, Director
Greg Zbach, Director

Communications: Melinda Isachsen
Exhibits: Kathy Welte
Marketing Co-Chairs: Patti Larso, Becky Samler
Education: Patty Raydo
Membership: Greg Zbach
Registrar: Monica Schwegman

Board meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1 pm at Mosaic Erie in Erie, PA. There are no meetings in July and December. All members are invited to attend the board meetings. General meetings for all members are held at least twice per year, also on the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month. The meeting in January includes the election of Board Members. (No afternoon board meeting is held when there is a general meeting in the evening.)

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