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Beginner Camera Class

  • MOSAIC Erie 3205 West 26th St Erie, PA 16506 (map)

Do you have a new digital camera (DSLR) or have a digital camera that has you stumped? Would you just like to know how to use your camera to be a better photographer? If your camera has you flustered or you just want to learn all the basics of DSLR camera operation so you can get those shots you see other photographers post, then this is the first class you should take! This class is a must have for anyone with a DSLR (digital camera with interchangeable lenses). Good for students, mommy photographers, new photographers or anyone that wants to learn more than just putting your camera in Automatic or Program mode.

Do you want to learn:

  • what all those modes do on your camera?

  • how to use all those buttons and menus?

  • how to stop action?

  • how to shoot at night?

  • how to get those cool out of focus backgrounds?

  • how to take close-up/macro shots?

  • what effect different lenses have on your photograph?

  • what and why shutter speed, aperture and ISO are so important?

  • what the difference is between RAW and jpeg images?

What to bring to class:

  • Your DSLR

  • Any extra lenses, flash or other accessories for your camera.

  • Your instruction manual or download link for instruction manual (Wi-Fi provided).

  • Pen and paper for notes.

  • All your questions!

Instructor: Debra Gilmore

Cost: $99.00 (includes light lunch)

Locations: Mosaic Erie
3205 West 26th St. Erie 16506